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Buy Eco Toys Online with Confidence

Jelly Bean Kidz is all about being a place for mums and dads to buy toys and children's products online with total confidence. When you buy eco products from Jelly Bean Kidz, you can be sure they’re sourced sustainably, they’re non-toxic and they’re oodles of fun!

Love Wooden Toys?  Welcome to the family!

There’s nothing as lovely as a well made wooden toy. Jelly Bean Kidz have made it our mission to source beautiful wooden toys so that kids today can understand just how special they are. We want you to feel totally confident when you buy a Jelly Bean Kidz eco toy online, so we've made sure each toy meets the Jelly Bean Kidz criteria:

Quality. Each toy must be of the highest quality for lasting fun
• Novelty. Each toy must offer unique benefits to your child
• Price. Each toy is priced for value
• Safety. Each toy is made with non-toxic paints
• Eco Toys. Each toy must meet our eco toy standards

Buy toys online that are good for kids and the Earth

You can feel confident that your Jelly Bean Kidz toys meet our eco toy standards. There are a lot of eco friendly baby stores and toy stores out there, how do you know who to trust? Jellybean Kidz aims to make buying eco toys online a cinch for busy mums and dads!
It’s not just that the timber used in our wooden toys is sourced from sustainable timber plantations; it’s about only stocking environmentally conscious, ethical brands. Toys should make children happy, not sweatshop workers! Lastly, ethical shopping is about lasting enjoyment, not landfill! So at Jelly Bean Kidz, we only stock strong, sturdy toys that will be loved for longer than anything plastic!

The Jelly Bean Kidz eco toys test of time

Buy natural baby products and wooden toys online that have been made with love and care and are sturdy enough for your children to pass on to their own children. Can you imagine that with the mass produced plastic toys readily available in department stores? Neither can we!

That's what Jelly Bean Kidz is all about. Welcome to the family!

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